Responses From The Missions

January 31, 2006

Dear Johnny,

I am writing on behalf of the Legion of Mary at St. Thomas More Parish, Scarborough to let you know how grateful we are to you for helping us with the rosaries and the prayer booklets over the years. We will continue to pray for the success of your work.

The most recent parcel (January 2006) was given to Fr. Stanley Anthony from Kenachchi North Mannar, a North West town in Sri Lanka, who was visiting Canada. He said he would be sharing them with his sister parishes in Mannar.

The earlier parcel in 2005 was given to Fr. Michael. He was the assistant Pastor of the Jaffna Cathederal (the Main town in the North of Sri Lanka where there is civil unrest). Prior to that I sent another 500 rosaries to my brother who lives in Moratuwa, (a sea town closer to Western Colombo). He is also an active member of the Legion of Mary. He has shared the rosaries with the Missionaries of Charity and St. Sebastian’s Parish. I also took about 600 rosaries to the Missionaries of Charity in Bronx, New York, when I was visiting my daughter. Some of these rosaries were given to the nuns at the Franciscan convent nearby per your instructions. Johnny, please thank Mrs. Elizabeth Kearns and her group for their generosity in supplying the rosaries to us.

God Bless your work,
Marie Fernando
(On behalf of the Legion of Mary St. Thomas More Parish)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings in the Lord!

This is to acknowledge with sincere gratitude the one box of rosaries
and booklets and other religious reading materials on the rosaries
that you sent us.

This is to inform you the beneficiaries of your generosity are the
Manila Youth Rehabilitation Center – this is a prison for the youth,
we also intend to give to the Correctional Institute Center – this is a
prison jail for women and to the street and squatters children whom
we are giving religious instructions.

May our gracious Lord reward your generosity and bless all your
apostolic endeavors. We shall bring before the Blessed Sacrament all
your dear intentions.

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,
Sr. Mary Claire F. Espiritu, PDDM

PDDM Apostolic Center
1545 F Agoncillo Street
Ermita, Manila 1000

Cherubs Cupboard – Rosary Ministry

To Whom It May Concern:

Sandra and I have a deep devotion to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother
and, as such, when I retired from the teaching profession in 1997 we
were inspired to teach the construction of the Rosary to the children
in the Durham Region Catholic School System.

To date Sandra and I have been invited frequently to make rosaries
with many classes and schools across the region.
The activity is fun for the children and they are very pleased with the
professional outcome as well as with the rainbow of colours which
they create.

The purpose of the ministry is to provide each participant with their
own special and unique rosary. The groups are also challenged to
pray the rosary for those in need-their choice. Some groups, including
parents and children alike have elected to have special nights to make
rosaries to give to hospitals or to a country of their choice.

Sandra and I are blessed to be a small part of the Rosary Ministry.
We are very encouraged by the response of those making the rosary
in that they PRAY THE ROSARY!

Ted and Sandra Hickey

Cherubs Cupboard
Catholic Book Store

Dear Johnny,

Here are the names of the places I gave the two thousand rosaries

(1) The Sisters of the Poor – (Mother Teresa’s Order) Bangalore
(orphanage). (2) The Cluny Convent (nuns working with leprosy
patients). (3) Holy Ghost Church (Redemptorist priests – a church
gift to children preparing for First Communion next year.) (4) Fr.
Prabhu – St. Joseph’s College Bangalore (most of the rosaries were
given to Father as he gives them to the missionaries going outside
Bangalore.) (5) Christ College Bangalore – to the student council
body to distribute among the college students. (6) State Bank of
India – to distribute among Catholic colleagues in the Bank (St.
Marks Road Branch). (7) Distributes a few bags of rosaries to the
public at Our Lady Church Shivijanagar Bangalore during the novena
preparing for September 8th feast. (8) Friend-in-Society (seniors’
residence) to the seniors in the residence. (9) A few were given
to friends as we went to visit them. And we gave few bags of rosaries
to family as they were visiting their loved ones in Sri Lanka.

The prayer books and leaflets were distributed with the rosaries too.

I take this opportunity to thank all the lovely people who take the
time to make these rosaries. It was your great work that made it possible
for us to receive such great smiles, blessings and joy from all
the people we met on our trip as we distributed the rosaries.
Rosaries are very expensive in Bangalore. The people faces just lit up
when hearing they were given a rosary free. My husband and I
would not have met these wonderful people and children if it was
not for the rosaries. So we thank you Johnny and the rest of the
Rosary making family for this great opportunity.

God Bless your great work.

Josephine & Grenville Bovaid

Dear Mr. Biafore,

Good morning!

My husband, Juanito and I are very much thankful for the gifts of
rosaries and books which you have given to us yesterday, Nov. 14.
You’re indeed so generous to offer such presents to our Archdiocese
of Capiz, Philippines and to our seminary. I know that our
Archbishop, Msgr. Onesimo Gordoncillo and our Dean of Theology
in the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary, Fr. Emmanuel Cruz
will surely be delighted with all these gifts as they will be a vital help
in promoting the prayers of the Rosary.

We will be sending all these by next week, including those donated
books from Mr. Tony Marzilli which are intended for our parish

Once more, thank you very much and may the good Lord through
the intercession of His Beloved Mother who knows the generosity
and kindness of your heart bless you more and more…

Rest assured that I will update you.

Till then, God bless.

Ad Jesus Per Mariam…

Best Regards,

Marilina Albarracin